reanne derkson - freelance writer

Hi, my name is Reanne Derkson and I am a freelance writer, editor and content strategist.

The main thing you need to know about me is not that I’m a freelance writer for hire, but that I actually love to write. 

What does that mean for you?

It means high quality content that packs a punch.

(Because it’s scientifically proven that people who actually enjoy what they do, work harder, better and faster.)

It means that when I’m creating content for you, I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I’m taking pride in every turn of phrase and catchy call-to-action. I’m picking my words carefully so that I can deliver content that works harder, better and faster for you and your business.



Some of my formal credentials:

  • I have a BFA from the University of Victoria. I graduated in 2013 with a Major in Creative Writing and Minor in Professional Writing & Journalism
  • I’ve published hundreds of blog posts, feature stories and articles nationally and internationally, in both print and web-based media on a wide range of topics (from luxury fashion to the dental industry — I don't discriminate).
  • In my past life as a startup marketer, I lead content campaigns that generated over $1.5 million in donations, managed social media accounts with over 400,000 followers, and conceptualized a grassroots initiative that was featured by both local and national press. 

The REAL credentials:

  • One time, I travelled deep into the Amazon jungle to a remote village in Ecuador to collect all creative assets (photos, audio, interviews & notes) for a marketing campaign. Moral of the story is, I’m not afraid of a challenge.
  • I’m currently writing a non-fiction book in my spare time (you can learn more about it here). The moral of this story is that I’m an optimist. 
  • This past summer, I won the "watergun" game at the fair, earning myself a giant stuffed crocodile. The moral of that story is that I’m good under pressure.  

what my clients are saying about me…

“Reanne has been a pleasure to work with over the past year. Her creativity has helped bring a fresh perspective to the Hillberg & Berk blog and she has the ability to independently transform any idea. She has a positive, energetic attitude and is always receptive to feedback.”
— Emily Selinger, Stylist & Visual Merchandising Manager, Hillberg & Berk Jewellery
“Reanne’s creative writing style is winning us clients. She’s not afraid of a challenge and needs no hand-holding. Her outstanding professional demeanour has made her a joy to work with over the past year.”
— Mimi Klingstat, Co-founder, One Big Broadcast
Throughout her time at Glamping Hub, Reanne has demonstrated excellent skills in her copywriting. It is rare to find the need to edit her content for mistakes in either the copy itself or its uploading to our back-end software used to publish content. Despite being located in a separate country from Glamping Hub’s offices in Seville, Spain, Reanne has always comfortably reached her deadlines, which involve the submission of a large amount of content on a monthly basis.
— Elizabeth Young, Marketing Team Lead, Glamping Hub